Provide Flexible SSO for Internal and External Users

EmpowerID Office 365 Manager uses WS-Federation to enable employees to continue to login to Outlook , OWA, Lync, and SharePoint using their same corporate Active Directory username and password once these services are migrated to Office 365. External users and extranet scenarios are also supported allowing users to login using any approved login type, including: Social Media Identities (Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft), remote partner Active Directory credentials, or even an organizationally-branded EmpowerID identity. Should a user forget their on-premise AD or EmpowerID identity password, the built-in self-service password reset function allows them to regain access easily and without assistance from a help desk.
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Turn On Strong Adaptive Authentication

Single Sign-On strengthens overall security by eliminating the need for multiple passwords to connect to any number of applications and platforms and by making it easier to hold users accountable for safeguarding their one single password. The convenience of single login access to all applications allows second factor authentication to be added as an additional security layer without making the login process cumbersome. The second factor authentication can be as simple as allowing employees to receive or generate one-time passwords on their mobile phones. Other multi-factor authentication options include device authentication, knowledge-based authentication (Q&A), online identity proofing, smartcards (CAC/PIV), and a standards compliant OATH server for issuing hardware or software one-time password tokens. Users may opt in for multi-factor authentication or flexible security policies can trigger a step up based on dynamic contextual information.
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Enable SSO for Corporate and Personal Devices

Today’s employees are more mobile, often working on the go and from remote locations using an increasing variety of devices, personal and company-issued. Maintaining security standards across mobile devices can be challenging. EmpowerID extends corporate security to mobile devices by enabling single sign-on and by tracking device ownership. EmpowerID can proof and register a personal computing device to an individual employee, making it an additional authentication factor to further strengthen security.

A user's SSO Application Dashboard, IT Shop access request interface, and password management screens are built using responsive HTML design so that they display properly and are fully functional across a broad range of mobile devices, enabling maximum productivity for when staff are on the go.
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